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    Teams that have good quality products/services also face growth issues because of poor sales and marketing. Even when your target persona is crystal clear, still we see that reaching out effectively is a challenge. Even when you see a good crowd at your booths, you see very poor conversion of leads. We too faced this challenge, and narrowed down the bottleneck to a very small area of sales cycle. And that area was poor quality follow-ups. Sales, Marketing, SDR teams - all do lead follow-ups. The quality and co... Show More nsistency of this follow-ups is the bottleneck in most organisations. Firstly, all 100% leads are not followed up. Typically teams follow-up ONLY hot leads, and they leave out 90% of non-HOT leads. This is mistake #1. Second, we judge too quickly and over-think whether to follow-up a lead or not, will the lead get put off by too many follow-ups. Guess what, if you don't follow-up, you are anyway not getting the business. Third, speed of response. If someone has shown interest, you better respond ASAP. ASAP cannot take more than 24 hours to respond. Or else the lead can forget the context. Fourth, impersonal follow-ups. Treating all leads equal and sending bulk emails is going to result in super poor conversion. We needed a solution that scales without letting go off the CONTEXT of the conversation and responds fast. And attempts to engage 100% of the leads, not just 10%. We have spent 6 years in this specific area to develop a human like AI Sales Email assistant to achieve all of the above. This eliminates the time sales spends on email followups. And sales can use that time for closing sales. While the AI Sales Email assistant helps to followup leads and add quality leads into pipeline for sales. Note, with AI Sales Emailing Assistant, leads NEVER go stale, because they are processed immediately AND on time. EVEN on holidays. Leads get lost in emails, chats, airports, and some visiting cards remain in suitcases. Our AI Sales Email Assistant responds to emails and answers basic questions! Eg. Brochures are sent within 5 minutes to leads, so the lead gets it while he is still interested in learning more. Not one day late. You relax, while the AI Assistant classifies leads into COLD | WARM | HOT leads and sends only HOT leads to you. Sales, now can finally focus on deal closures and more commission. Feel free to setup a time to chat on calendly.com/sanjuburkule 7Targets Home Page: https://www.7targets.ai/?utm_source=G2&utm_medium=G2Crowd

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